Renovating with TeamWorx 

Whether upgrading an investment property, or there’s room for improvement at home, TeamWorx can help with every aspect of your renovation, including the crucial aspect of project managing. Get the Full Service – TeamWorx will manage the renovation process from end to end. From sourcing quotes and arranging trades people to monitoring budgets and timings.

Using an experienced TeamWorx consultant means there will always be a single, informed authority to oversee the project, from drawing board to reality. They’ll find trustworthy and reputable trades people, get competitive quotes, co-ordinate works to occur in the right order (so the plumber’s never waiting for the electrician or vice-versa) and ensure every one’s doing the job right. Best of all, they’ll bring it in on time and on budget.



The Six Steps to the Renovation of your Project

  1. Consultation to discuss your requirements
  2. Discuss property brief in detail and define budget
  3. We begin researching and provide you with up to 3 quotes for the authorised job
  4. We liaise with your approved trades people and provide you with a schedule, weekly updates and photos
  5. Completion of Project
  6. Consultant conducts final inspection to ensure all works meet criteria

TeamWorx Project Management Service is the A-Z service to your goals.


We take you through all the steps to deliver the project beyond the best:

  • We initiate
  • We plan
  • We execute
  • We control
  • We close

We ensure the work of a team to achieve your specific goals and meet your specific success criteria.

The primary challenge of project management is to achieve all of the project goals within the given constraints and we abide by the constraints you as the client places on the project. We understand and work towards the best possible results on the constraints of scope, time, quality and budget as well as ensuring the more ambitious challenges to optimize the allocation of necessary inputs and integrate them to meet pre-defined objectives.

Call our team and discuss your project with us … No project is too small or big for TeamWorx.