Property insurance

Property insurance

Home Insurance

Building: we will provide cover for the structure of your home against loss or damage caused of any of the following perils: fire,smoke,lightning, explosion or earthquake, storm, flood, theft, escape of water/oil impact, malicius damage, vandalism and other similar causes. Covers garage and outbuilding, its fixture and fittings, boundary and garden wall, carport, gates, hedges, fence, footpaths, patios, terraces, drives, tennis courts, swimming pools, hot tubs, garden ponds, statues and fountains that are permanently fixed into the ground, greenhouses, solar panel, septic tanks, gas or oil central heating tanks all forming part of the home which are used for domestic purposes only.

Contents: we will provide cover for household, personal possessions, contain business equipment, pedal cycles and money whilst in your home, which you or any member of your family own or are legally responsible for, against loss or damage from specific perils.

Total coverage for the contents of any garages, outbuilding, and garden sheds will be limited to €3,000.

Personal Possessions: we will provide cover for jewellery, watches, sports equipment, items of clothing and personal effects that are worn on carried on or about the person in on away from home from home that you or any member of your family own or are legally responsible for, against loss damage for specific perils.


You have the flexibility to select Buildings Insurance, or both sections together-and if required you can add further sections of cover which provide benefits to suit your specific needs.

Scope and terms are subject to the terms and conditions of the policy which is available on request.

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